About Us

Just B is a women's clothing boutique that provides women with the opportunity to be whoever they want to be. We believe in embracing labels. Be the boss. Be brilliant, badass, bohemian, and bold. Be beautiful. Be yourself.

We have hand selected quality pieces, perfectly crafted, to suit each style. Due to being a boutique, our garments are in limited availability. This ensures everything discovered is unique!

Owner & Buyer

Demitria Rake

Like most others, my journey has been a bit lost, long, and beautifully overwhelming. In a search for myself, I reflected on
my past. It seems my dream of owning a boutique started when I
was about eleven or twelve. Within those years I started designing clothes, was given my first sewing machine, and even toyed
around with potential boutique names. 

After several stops along the way, I'm finally here. This boutique
is not finished. It will continue to change and grow along with me.
There are improvements to be made and goals to meet. If it does not meet your needs now, stay tuned because it will.

This boutique is for those who identify with multiple labels. I
always had a hard time identifying with one style. My friends and family ultimately call it a "Demi Look", and I'm attempting to share that look with all of you.